Live show reminder
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Hey everyone, dont forget the live This Is Where showcase is TONIGHT! 7pm

If you are in the greater San Diego area, please come out to Space4Art and support the project.

We have some amazing performers to tell your submitted stories. We have special musical guest, San Diego’s own face melting folk band “In The Way” and we have refreshment and rumor has it we will have firepits. Its going to be off the hook as the kids say.

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Hey everyone. Tomorrow night, 7pm at Space4Art in San Diego we are throwing a live performance of This is Where. If you are in the area, come check it out!

Details here:

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Amazing Graffiti Wall
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Castles Made of Sand
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Check out these amazing sand sculptures by artist Carl Jara:

I adore these. I love the impermanent nature of this style of art. I have often felt that way about street art as well. So much love and craftsmanship is put into these works knowing that they will only last briefly. I think in a way it makes it more magical.

I know in doing TiW, I’ve had to start looking at placing stickers more as performance rather than a static piece of art. I am sad when they are taken down, but know that it just makes it that much more special for the people who did see it. Plus they get immortalized on this site.

Anyway, amaze yourself by checking out the site.

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DPP0095.JPG (1 MB)

This is where “Thank you for holding my eggs.”

On a table at the first rest stop inside Oregon on I-5.

This is where my friend asked me to hold their eggs, and it was for some reason hysterical. It could be because we were sleep deprived and crammed into a car with rotting tuna. That is all.

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Of course its a bendy straw
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Some amazing street art I wanted to share with you all:

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I’m not 7 anymore
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tiw friends1.jpg (2 MB)

“This is where I trusted my friends”

Sticker is placed on the grill at a Lake Perris campsite.

Friendship doesn’t come easily to me. This sounds strange to folks who know me because I connect easily to people and appear outgoing and social. However, I have only a handful of people who I count as real friends.

I was about to move to a city where I knew nobody. My friend Mike said, “I know you aren’t going to believe me. But you’re really good at making friends and you’re going to make new ones out there before you know it.” I shook my head. What did he know? He just thinks so because he’s shy and in comparison I look like The Great Gatsby.

When I was 7, my best friend in the whole world suddenly stopped talking to me. I didn’t find out until I was a teenager that it had nothing to do with me: her father was an alcoholic CIA spook who tried to make my father an asset and failed. He was directed to cut ties with our family. Tell that to a 7-year-old.

I keep most people at a distance. They don’t realize it because I share plenty of seemingly personal stuff about myself. But getting into the inner circle is something few people have done. And once you’re there, I don’t give up on you easily. Someone asked me once, “How do you know when someone has actually crossed the line and become a friend?” I haven’t the faintest.

I posted this sticker on a camping trip I took this summer with some of the people who I now consider friends. Family even. This time it was a conscious decision to let them into my heart. Maybe they will hurt me, disappoint me, even leave me. I’m not 7 anymore; I’ll risk it and choose love and friendship.

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PB120031.JPG (75 KB)

PB120032.JPG (61 KB)

“This is where people fight back!”

A wall at Zuccotti Park, NYC

I went to NYC to visit a friend, and being a liberal-minded young American, I wanted to drop by Occupy Wall Street and show my support. There is a lot of good stuff happening there – volunteers going around to pick up trash, a library tent, medical tents, food tents, even a guy who’s hooking up bicycles to batteries as a way to generate electricity for the occupiers (he was at the sustainability tent). I knew this was a place I wanted to put a sticker, but I felt awkward writing it myself. After all, I haven’t been sleeping in a tent in the cold and staying in the park day in and day out since September. So I asked a very nice protester to write something on the sticker instead. He wrote:

“This is where people fight back!”

I placed the sticker on the wall under where he was sitting, and walked around the park a little more. I eventually found a woman who has been going to the park every day, setting up a lawn chair, and knitting for those who stay in the park overnight. She gave me some yarn, and I made fingerless gloves with her. I can’t stay at the park myself, and the least I can do is help keep everybody there warm.

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Lets go…
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Photo Nov 01, 5 51 22 PM.jpg (1 MB)

 ”This is where I fly kites”

On a picnic table at Maddox park in Mira Mesa, San Diego.

This park is close to where I work. I keep my stunt kite (a kite you can steer) in my car and on lunch during nice and windy days, I’ll go to the park to fly it. Its a little thing, but its just nice to get away from the office and do something relaxing and build a kind of weird skill. Its nice to just be outdoors and doing something that is kind of internal and introspective. Its one of my simple pleasures to remind myself not to take things too seriously.

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Brick Art
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This messes with my mind. In a completely awesome way.

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