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“This is where we sell out!”

On my copy of the July 27th, 2011 San Diego CityBeat.

Hey guys! The talented Kinsee Morlan of San Diego CityBeat recently interviewed Liz and me about ‘This is Where’, and then tagged along for a sticking spree across San Diego. She wrote a piece about it in this week’s CityBeat. Plus, there are lots of pictures of ‘This is Where’ stickers including one featured prominently on the cover!

We’re super stoked about ‘This is Where’ being printed in a publication we respect so highly. Remember, this is your project. Support those who support you. Read the article here. Pick up the paper at these locations. Support the advertisers who make this sort of thing possible.

Also, a reminder on how to participate in ‘This is Where’:
1. Get your stickers
2. Write your ‘this is where’ story and stick it up in the place it happened
3. Photograph the sticker
4. Submit the photo back to the website for others to read

We love you guys so much! Thank you!

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  1. Sandy says:

    Just wanted to write you a note to tell you what a magnificent idea I think this is! Bravo.

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