Somebody’s watching me
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“This is where I was stalked and followed all night long. WORST. DATE. EVER.”

On a lamp post in the parking lot of Dave & Buster’s, 2931 Camino Del Rio North, San Diego, CA

It was our second date. He vetoed my choice of restaurant and movie, and decided that we’d go to Dave & Buster’s and District 9 instead. I should have told him that we’d be better off seeing other people then. But I was trying not to jump to hasty conclusions about this new guy.

He was a Navy man, and a bit on the geeky side. He drove across town from Point Loma to La Mesa to pick me up, and then back to Mission Valley. We listened to K-Pop in his car.

At Dave & Buster’s, we ate some mediocre burgers and then hit the arcade. He was eager to show me his moves on Dance Dance Revolution. He played both pads simultaneously, leaving me to watch. I feigned interest, and played a couple other games to be a good sport. Then we went to see District 9.

The movie was alright, I guess. Action flicks tend to bore me. But I suppose in the dating ritual, the 2nd date movie is more about the sweet hand-around-shoulder action than it is about the movie itself.

He drove me home and gave me an unpleasant kiss goodnight. I didn’t have the guts to break things off with him there, but had decided I wouldn’t be seeing him again.

The next morning he emailed me. He had told me that his Navy buddies, in disbelief that he had a date with a girl, had decided to spy on us. They had followed him from Point Loma, to La Mesa, and back to Mission Valley – about 25 miles total. They had snapped pictures from their car of us entering Dave & Buster’s. And there were more pictures taken from the bar of me looking bored while my date played DDR. They apparently didn’t follow us to the movie theatre.

The whole thing creeped me out. He told me that his friends had even told him beforehand that they were going to spy on him, but that he didn’t take their threat seriously. I had my doubts about whether he really didn’t know that they were tailing us. I thought it plausible that he may have intentionally let them follow us to “prove” that he was on a date with a girl, and therefore stop getting crap about being a nerd.

Needless to say, I broke up with him.


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  1. Liat says:

    i have michael jackson’s song in my head. this is making the post more creepy, not less.

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