The international language of graffiti
The international language of graffiti avatar

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“This is where we speak the international language of graffiti.”

Stuck to a wall near the port in the city Hermoupolis, on the island of Syros, in Greece.

When you take the ferry from Pireaus (on mainland Greece) to Hermoupolis (on Syros), you see a lot of stereotypical Greek things: rocky hills with some stubbly shrubbery, ornate churches perched on hilltops, villages where you can’t tell the houses apart because they are built at weird angles due to being on a steep hill, and other such hill-related items. Then the ferry reaches the port and you see the wall full of graffiti, starting with the words “welcome to Syros,” then quickly veering off into things like a bear saying “respect my authority,” and a giant melty-looking face taking up the full vertical space of the wall. It struck me that no matter where you are, as long as there are people with access to both paint and flat surfaces, graffiti will happen. (I tried to express the sentiment in Greek as well as in English, but alas, I am not actually bilingual and the Google translation might be a little rough.)

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