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“This is where I come to remember myself”

Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego

Ocean Beach Pier has been one of my favorite places ever since first visiting San Diego. Since moving here, it has been a place I take visiting friends, new friends, family and myself. I’ve people-watched, dolphin-watched, surfer-watched, drank cocoa, ridden the toy horse meant for kids much smaller (and younger) than me, had conversations with pelicans, made out with my husband, watched fireworks, gotten lost in watching the waves roll in, been splashed by a heavy surf, and have been enveloped by fog, etc. I love going here at night, watching the firefly-fish lures, and listening to the water move all around me. It is the perfect place for introspection, meditation and just plain remembering who I am when the rest of my life quiets down around me.

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