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I have to apologize for not announcing the contest winners earlier. Claire got pretty sick and so TiW took a back seat.  In an attempt to make ammends, and because we only had two people participate in the latest sticker give away contest, we have deicded that both are winners and both will be sent a free five pack of This is Where stickers. We will be in contact with you both!

And here are the stories by our two winners:

Michelle Magdaleno:

For Our First Road Trip We Went To Santa Monica, We Live In San Diego. It Was Me, My Brother And My Dad. We Left About 1pm. It Took Us 4 Hours To Get There.At First We Thought We Were Lost Because My Brother Didnt Recognize The Freeway And There Was Hardy Any Cars, So Finally We Found Out We Were In A Tollpay Booth And We Had To Pay 5 Dollers. When We Finally Got There We Had To Pay 8 Dollers For Parking And Just Walk To Venice Beach Which Was Pretty Far To Walk, My Dad Wanted Didnt Want To Walk More And Go Back But We Were Aleady In The Middle, So We Finally Got There And Saw All The Little Stores But Didnt Even Buy Anything. We Were Going Back To Go Home And Theres A Bike Line And A Walk Line, My Dad And Brother Crossed The Street And I Was Thinking Why Are They Crossing The Street And As I Was Looking Down At My Camera I Almost Got Ran Over By A Lady In A Bike And Another With RollerBlades, It Was A Close One. As We Go Home We Had A Good Family Talk In The Car. Also We Didnt See No Celebrities…It Was Disapointing But It Was Fun.

Aimee Carson:

My travel story…I was getting ready to travel to Mexico City for the first time with my boyfriend Juan. I had just finished cramming verbs and palabras with my beginning Spanish textbooks and had prepared my parents for my first international trip ever. I called my Juan at his parent’s house in Mexico City to confirm some travel details and then he passed the phone to his father whom I had met briefly a few months before.
He asked me if I was ready to visit Mexico for the first time. I explained proudly that I was very excited to be visiting… “M’excite!” I said, “I’m so excited!” His father’s tone of voice changed slightly as he handed the phone back to my boyfriend who then passed me on to his sister. She inquired in the same way and I replied again, very confidantly, “Yes! I’m so excited! “M’excite!”
His sister started laughing out loud (LOL in case you forget the IM abbreviation) and my boyfriend got back on the phone bewildered. “What did you say to them baby? Why are they laughing so hard?” I said, “What do you mean, I told them I was excited…M’excite!”
You could hear Juan’s jaw drop and he said, “Oh noooooo baby, that doesn’t mean what you think it does….it means your horny!”


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