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“This is where my friend helped me overcome one of my anxieties.”

Outside the laundromat by my apartment in San Diego California

A few months ago, my lease was up on my apartment. I decided to move to a new area of town. I fell in love with a particular neighborhood and ended up finding a great little apartment. It was everything I wanted.

Except for one thing.

I know this may be super silly, but my apartment was without laundry facilities. This was a big cut back in the convenience for me. All my previous places, I was fortunate enough to have my own laundry facilities. Luckily the Laundromat was a block away. But it was still difficult.

I have anxiety issues. usually I can keep them in check, and many times I just avoid the things that cause said anxiety. Going to a laundromat was one of those things. And this was one of those anxieties that could no longer be avoided.

My friend was over one evening, and I was sort of complaining about how I really needed to do laundry. She could see that I was avoiding it. At first, she probably thought it was just lazy or complaining about having to do chores, but as the evening went on, she picked up on the fact that this was pretty anxiety inducing for me.

Then she did one of the most amazing things. She offered to accompany me as I did my laundry. This simple act made it possible for me to make that first step. It was a new place. I didn’t know how it all ‘worked’ or what the social rules and such were. I would have been a wreck if I had to face it alone, but with her there, it wasn’t so bad.

It wasn’t long before I was able to go on my own and I’m happy to report that I just did my laundry last night and realized that this is a place which no longer causes me any anxiety, thus prompting this sticker.

I realize it must sound ridiculous to anyone who doesn’t deal with anxiety issues, but its random situations like this which can feel insurmountable… unless you have someone who understands you and offers a helping hand.

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