I wish I felt safe here
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“This is where I was followed, and harassed, and Threatened. I wish I felt safe here!”

This sticker is placed on the back of a trash can in Hillcrest in San Diego, CA. The trash can is just south of University street on Park blvd.

It was ~9pm on a Monday evening, and my friend and I decided to walk to a frozen yogurt place. As we were walking there we passed a man who was just hanging around on the street corner. As we walked by, he began to harass us by saying some sexually explicit and lewd things and started to follow us. When we didn’t respond, he said some threatening things towards us.

Luckily, it stopped at that. We kept walking, and he got bored with us. I still don’t feel safe walking that street at night however. It makes me sad and angry because I feel like he won; he got me to change my behavior and avoid certain places.


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