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“This is where i rediscovered my love of music.”

Outside of Antone’s record store, Austin, TX

I love music.
Ever since I was little, I was constantly listening to the radio or cassette tapes or new-fangled CD’s… even my dads old 8-tracks and vinyl. There was ALWAYS something playing. I’d even listen to music through the night.

As I grew up I collected more and more music. Eventually I bought a nice turn table and started collecting my own records. But eventually, most of my collection made its way on to my computer and eventual iPod. Which was great. I had my music everywhere. But with this, music also was pushed into the background. I’d listen while driving, or doing homework, or while I was at work, or when I was hanging out with people.

The first time I went to Austin, my friend told me about this record shop I just HAD to go see. I walked in to Antone’s and was in heaven. Thumbing through scores of pristine vinyl discovering music again in a way that I had forgotten about since Amazon.com. It was glorious. I ended up buying more than I should have, mostly old jazz classics.

When I got back home, I dug out my record player, dusted it off, hooked up all the cords and selected a record: a classic Nina Simone album. And so began the ritual that I had forgotten: carefully pinching the edge of the record as you slowly remove it from the sleeve. Deftly spinning it over to side one between the palms of my hands. Placing it on the turn table with precision. The familiar ‘click’ as it starts to spin. The sound that the needle makes as it drops onto the disc. The music swells. I turn it up.

And then something happened

I listened.
And did nothing else.
Just listened.

Side one ended. I flipped it over and continued to let myself get lost in the music. When that one ended I put on a Charles Mingus album, and then Miles Davis, and then 3 or 4 more, focusing all my attention on the auditory bliss that was emanating from my stereo and was once again reminded of just how much I love music. I realized I hadn’t actually sat and listened to music in years. Something about the ritual performed around vinyl caused me to slow down and focus on a love that I had unknowingly neglected.

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