This is where…BATS!
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“This is where I went for a lovely walk across the riv…what was that? Oh my God, there must be millions of them! SHIT, they’re bats! RUN!!! Ahhh!!! They’re chasing me! I can feel them in my hair. GETEMOFF, GETEMOFF, GETEMOFF!”

The railing of the Congress Bridge in Austin, Texas.

We were doing the touristy thing – going to see millions of bats fly out from beneath the Congress Bridge. As we were waiting for the sun to set and the bats to take flight, we placed a few ‘This is Where’ stickers celebrating Austin’s battyness.


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This is where…BATS! avatar

  1. Jessica says:

    I love the bat bridge!! It was one of my favorite things in Austin. lol

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