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“This is where I contemplate the direction I want my life to take.”

On one of the overhead beams at the top of Mount Bonnell in Austin, TX.

Mount Bonnell offers some great views of the Austin area. As you can see in the picture, its a gorgeous spot overlooking the river. Its also a great spot to get a view of all the expensive and stunning houses along the water. Mansions with boathouses that are obviously worth millions. One house even has a helipad.

Its here, faced with all this wealth that I confront what I really want out of life. My first reaction is “damn… I’ll probably never make that kind of money…” I’m not the kind of person who would be able to get a job as a CEO or some other high level position. And I’m struck with a certain sadness and jealously.

But then I start ponder if this life displayed before me is really what I want or if its just what I’m pressured to believe by society I want. And I realize this life doesn’t really interest me too much. Sure I’d like to be financially comfortable, but I have no real desire to be ‘rich’ so to speak and I certainly wouldn’t want to spend my energy on the types of things that would get me there.

I’d rather spend my energy on more creative pursuits and building strong relationships with those close to me and constantly learning new things and finding the absurdity in life. Things that I find much more fulfilling. Things that bring me happiness. And these are the things that are attainable for me. I just have to remind myself to strive for these goals and not the goals society has deemed worthy.

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