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“This is where I got chased by a squirrel.”

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On a lamp post near the turtle pond on UT’s campus in Austin, Texas.

We were hanging out, lookin’ at some turtles, when this cheeky little bastard started following us. We walked away, and he continued to pursue. His name is Vladimir.


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2 Responses to Vladimir
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  1. Diane says:

    The squirrels at my old university never chased anybody, but they certainly did like to jump out of garbage cans holding and eating thrown-out dining hall food… why are squirrels so crazy?

  2. Liat says:

    I was studying under a tree on the lawn at UVA when a squirrel starting approaching and chattering at me so threateningly that I actually decided my safety was at stake and moved to another shady spot. I hate that the squirrel won.

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