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“This is where so-called ‘family’ insulted me.”

On a fence post on an empty lot near Fern and Ivy in South Park, San Diego, California.

Guys 1, 2, and 3: Indecipherable chatter
[I walk by minding my own business.]
Guy 1 to me: Do you agree?
Me: What?
Guy 1: Do you agree?
Me: Agree with what?
Guy 1: That doesn’t matter. Do you agree?
Me (feeling anxious and wanting to leave this awkward conversation): Yes.
[I start to walk away.]
Guy 1: Wait a minute, wait a minute…
Me: What?
Guy 1: Are you family?
Me: What?
Guy 1: Are you family?
Guy 2: Don’t mind him. He’s gay.
Me: Family? You mean LGBT?
Guy 1: Yeah.
Me: Yeah. I’m family.
Guy 1 to Guys 2 and 3: He looks SO good!
Me: Well if I looked that good, you wouldn’t be calling me “he”.
[I walk away.]


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