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On an electrical box along fern street in southpark san diego california

I walk this street almost every morning, and often more than once a day. For as long as I’ve lived in this part of town, this particular electrical box has been adorned with a simple message:

IMG_0205.JPG (1 MB)


This particular piece of street art always brought a smile to my face. It was just a little something to brighten up the day. Something to remind me that people care. That people want to make their communities a better place, in spirit and in art. To me this was taking an ugly eyesore and turning it into a simple but beautiful display of art.

One day I walked by and saw it was painted over. Several other pieces of street art in the area had been cleansed as well. But this one stood out. Back to this stark gray box that meant nothing anymore. And here it was next to a beautiful mural that was obviously commissioned. But yeah, this unsanctioned message got the axe. It saddened me so I placed this sticker to sort of mark what I felt was destruction of something good in my neighborhood. The irony that the person who painted it over probably thought of the graffiti as destructive is not lost on me. So I left it at that.

IMG_0223.JPG (1 MB)

“This is where street art was cleansed.”

To my surprise, a few days later, I saw this:

IMG_0232.JPG (1 MB)


I don’t know if people saw my sticker as a call to arms, or if they were just jumping at the chance to cover this nice prominent blank space with art but it made me smile to know that, while the art may change, it will persist.

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  1. Allen Clark says:

    I just walked by this box and sticker less than an hour ago. I didn’t know at the time that the message of ‘HOPE’ had been there. But I was pleased to see the sticker art had replaced it.

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