What kind of writing utensil should I use on my sticker?

We recommend using a permanent marker. Be sure you give it time to dry fully to avoid smudging.

I submitted a post but I don’t see it on the site. What gives?

Any submitted posts are queued for approval by the curators. We do read all of the submissions, but it may take a while for your submission to be posted depending on the queue.

How do you decide which submissions to post?

Really, its whatever grabs the attention of the curators. We may be looking for a certain theme or style, but in the end we are just looking for great stories. Submissions won’t necessarily be posted in the order they came in.

What format should I put my pictures in before uploading them?

Pictures should be JPEG format and its best to keep them under 2048 x 2048 pixels. We have had a few problems with uploading photos larger than this.

Do you edit/censor the user submissions?

These are your stories and we want to hear your voice. We do reserve the right to include comments from the editor, but your wording will be preserved and our comments will be clearly marked. This is your project. We respect that.

How often do you update?

Right now updates will be sporadic until we start getting a healthy amount of user submissions. After that we plan on going to a regular posting schedule. The best way you can help us here is to make sure you snap photos of the stickers you post and submit them to the site.

Why are the stickers so cheap/expensive?

Basically, we are trying to break even at a larger run of stickers. Right now we actually take a loss on every sticker sold since we are just trying to get the project off the ground. We would love to give them away for free, but alas we are not rich. Feel free to show us some love by donating to the project. We are always looking for ways to get the stickers out to you for cheaper.

Isn’t this vandalism?

Perhaps. You should always make sure you have permission to post your sticker. Or have a good alibi.

Where did this idea come from?

Our biggest influence was definitely this wonderful project by Candy Chang. Originally we were planning on ordering a bunch of stickers from her and repurposing them in various ways. We had both experienced some profound street harassment when we came across Candy Chang’s project and wanted to use the stickers to call attention to that. As we got talking and brainstorming we realized we wanted to take the project in a different direction and felt printing our own stickers would be a better way to go. Ultimately, we settled on “This is where” for its versatility and its capacity to allow people to share a wide range of stories.

Other influences include Post Secret and Hollaback.

Who prints your stickers?

Our stickers are proudly printed by robots:


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