This Is Where

What may be just another bus stop to you might be the place someone else found the love of their life. Or your favorite restaurant could be the location another person learned that a close friend was diagnosed with a terminal disease.

‘This is Where” is a community art project designed to let people share those memories through the locations in which they happened. Think of some of the most significant places in your life, grab a sticker, share a memory, and let other people connect with the places that mean the most to you.

There’s no wrong way to do this. Share a happy story or a sad story, one of love or one of heartbreak, one of life or one of death, one of you or one of your baby brother: whatever you find significant. This is your project. Stick it to the world!


Kind of looks like Rosie the Riveter, dont ya think?Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Claire is an artist and graphic designer residing in San Diego, California. She is passionate about travel, photography, and digital art. Having visited 49 out of 50 states, she is acutely aware of places and their impact on people. She eats lunch by the ocean almost every day and is constantly seeking wonder in the world. She likes robots and jaywalking.


Liz doesn't want to fight, she wants to love.Liz is inspired by community art projects and how they connect people to each other. She is a musician who plays a mean fretless bass guitar, amongst a multitude of other instruments. Her job as a software engineer has found her living in Michigan, Minnesota, Hawaii, and now California. Amongst her other talents, Liz has an acute prowess in the kitchen. I personally recommend her bacon maple ice cream. Liz sees the absurdity in the world and draws inspiration and insight from it. She is a lizard who is fervently opposed to jaywalking.


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